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Essential information for getting the most out of our website!


Boutique FAQ

Database FAQ

Bonus Program ("Card Credits") FAQ

Search Service FAQ

Mailing List FAQ

Intellectual Property / Copyright Issues

Boutique FAQ.

Q: What is the Tarot Garden Boutique?

A: The Boutique is our listing of for-sale tarots. We strive to offer the widest and most interesting variety of tarots available for purchase anywhere, from popular in-print titles to extremely rare and valuable collectors' decks.

Q: Why is the Boutique divided up into sections? What is the difference between the sections?

A: In order to differentiate between our selections from a collector's perspective, we have created five different sections within our Boutique. The sections, and their general focus, are as follows:

  • Popular. These are typically in-print (or only recently out-of-print) selections, usually released and / or distributed by major publishing houses, in the $10 - $50 range. We do carry a wide variety of imported titles in this section which are often harder-to-find in the United States -- including selections from France, Italy, Germany, and Japan. When a particular title in the "Popular" section is sold out, it most often -- although not always -- can and will be reordered.
  • Independent / Small Press. These are decks in a wide variety of price ranges that have either been self-published by the artist, or by a very small publishing firm with limited distribution. Many of our Small Press selections are limited editions. We are proud to offer these often little-known gems in one great location for your shopping convenience!
  • Gallery. Although we do offer a few of the harder-to-find in-print titles in this section, most of our Gallery listings represent out-of-print or limited edition selections in the $40 - $150 range. Often, Gallery selections will have been relatively widely distributed in some market (not necessarily in in North America, however) before they went out-of-print. A large percentage of our Gallery selections were published outside of North America. Although we may begin with several copies of a title when it is first listed in our Boutique, Gallery selections are less likely to be re-orderable once our stock is depleted.
  • 5-Star Salon. Our exclusive listings of famous and rare tarots for collectors. Most come from limited editions, from print runs that are sometimes as low as 10 copies or fewer. We occasionally offer one-of-a-kind decks in this section. Prices range from $100 on up. Often we only have one or two copies to offer of a 5-Star selection. These selections are almost never re-orderable. Our sale copy(ies) are frequently obtained on the "secondary market," as is often necessary with rare selections -- meaning that they have been preowned. Others are obtained directly from the artists themselves by special arrangement.
  • Gifts / Other. A "miscellaneous" section listing tarot-related items, such as books, tarot software, and tarot accessories.

Q: What is a "Gift Alert"?

A: When viewing selections in our Boutique, there is an icon labeled "Gift Alert" that can be used to send the information on that selection to another person. If a selection is sold out, the Gift Alert button will not be available until the item is restocked.

When you elect to send a Gift Alert, you will be asked for the name and e-mail of the person you wish to contact about the deck, as well as your name (your e-mail may be included, but is optional). The specified recipient will receive an e-mail informing them that this is a Tarot Garden selection that you would like to receive. The item title, price, shipping, and insurance costs will be included in the e-mail, and a link for viewing the item in the Boutique will be provided. The Tarot Garden's e-mail is listed as the "Reply To" address in the message, so if the recipient wishes to purchase the item for you, they need only reply to the message to receive payment instructions.

The information collected when you send a Gift Alert is used only for purposes of sending the Gift Alert, and is not used by the Tarot Garden for promotional reasons (unless you have already specifically provided us with permission to do so), nor is it given to any third parties unless required by law.

Q: How Do I Find the Selection I want?

A: If you are looking for a specific tarot or cartomantic deck, use our online database. Our database is now directly connected into our new Boutique format, so once you locate the item you're looking for, you can see the inventory status of the selection, and click on the link(s) provided to view the item in the Boutique or to receive more information.

Q: What if I don't find the deck I'm looking for in the Boutique?

A: If you don't find what you're looking for... don't give up! We may have a copy in our offline inventory, or we may be able to special-order it. If all else fails, try our search service.

Q: I found something that I want to buy -- how to I order and pay for it?

A: At present, orders should be submitted by e-mail. Due to the slow genesis of our server, we have not yet been able to enable our online shopping cart. We hope to have the shopping cart ready soon, but in the meantime, it is usually necessary to e-mail us at to reserve the decks you want. We accept payment by check, money order, cash, wire/bank transfer, MasterCard, VISA, PayPal, and BillPoint (eBay Payments). Presently, we are also experimenting with receiving payments via However, even if you are paying for your purchases using an online payment service such as PayPal, we recommend that you send us an e-mail to verify that the selections you want are in stock before remitting payment. As much as we try to keep our online inventory information up-to-date, there are times when we experience a "rush" on a particular selection, and our supply is suddenly depleted even as we are receiving more requests for it.

Clicking the shopping cart icon next to any Boutique selection currently brings up detailed instructions for placing orders and remitting payment.

Q: Do you ship to locations outside of the United States?

A: Yes. We ship to any location that can receive mail through "normal means," but the cost of the selected shipping method, and any requested or required insurance, is added to the total cost of your order. Also, you may have customs fees to pay when your order arrives in your country.

Q: Do you accept payments in currencies other than U.S. dollars?

A: Yes... under limited circumstances. We will accept checks or money orders in non-U.S. dollars if you agree to cover the costs involved with the conversion and deposit of those funds. Such costs, however, may be quite steep, as we are located in a part of the U.S. that is not exactly a "hotbed of international finance." At present, we are accepting cash payments in Euros without charging any additional fees, but this policy may change by necessity in the future.

For best results, we recommend that non-U.S. buyers pay via credit card or one of the "internationally-friendly" online payment services, such as PayPal. You may be able to obtain International money orders in U.S. dollars for fees lower than the ones we are presently forced to charge to cover our conversion and deposit costs.

Q: What is your "offline inventory?"

A: The offline inventory is our selection of in-stock titles not currently listed in our Boutique. The reasons that these titles are not included in the Boutique varies, but include: item is preowned/used, the price has not yet been determined, we only have one or two copies of the item but it does not meet the listing criteria for inclusion in our 5-Star Salon... or we just haven't gotten around to "officially" listing it yet! The list of offline inventory items is accessible through the Tarot Garden database. Items marked as "offline inventory" are generally available for immediate sale and shipping.

Database FAQ

Q: What is the Tarot Garden database?

A: The Tarot Garden database is an online searchable resource for information on tarot decks. We are still in the process of entering information, but when the first data entry phase is complete, we estimate that the database will include information on over 900 tarots and cartomantic decks, making it the largest source of tarot deck information on the Internet. Information listed in the database includes: deck title, designer(s) / author(s) / artist(s), country of publication, publication year, publication status number of cards, a basic description of the deck, mention of important references that list the tarot (such as Kaplan's Encyclopedias or Manteia), and the Tarot Garden inventory status of the title (Boutique, offline inventory, special order, or unavailable). Most entries include a button that will display a half-dozen scanned samples from the deck.

Q: What is the difference between the Database and the Boutique?

A: In our new, redesigned website and integrated data system, the difference between the database and the Boutique is admittedly rather vague, yet still important. The Boutique, of course, lists the items we have for sale, divided up into convenient categories that should be helpful to collectors. When viewing an item in the Boutique, you will see a slightly different set of details, including pricing and availability information. Other than browsing the Boutique by the predefined categories, there is no direct way to search the Boutique for a specific listing.

In contrast, the database is fully searchable in a number of ways. Our new "QuickSearch" feature -- displayed near the upper-left-hand corner of almost every Tarot Garden webpage -- allows you to quickly access the database and seek information by title, author, or a combination of both. Our database predefined searches allow you to easily access Tarot Garden selections by availability -- Boutique, offline inventory, special order, or in-stock. This provides you with more information about which titles are actually available through the Tarot Garden than is apparent from simply browsing the Boutique. And our advanced search feature lets you search our entire database -- including titles that are not currently available through the Tarot Garden -- in a number of different ways, including country of publication and "category / theme."

If you find a deck that you're seeking through our database, there will be a link from the database listing to the Boutique listing if the deck is available through the Tarot Garden Boutique. You can use this link to call up the title and review the pricing and availability information, to send a Gift Alert, or access our ordering and payment instructions.

Q: How do I search the database for decks of interest?

A: There are three general methods for searching the Tarot Garden database:

  • QuickSearch. This feature is now available on almost every Tarot Garden webpage. The QuickSearch feature, found in the upper left-hand corner of most pages (including this one), allows you to enter pieces of deck titles, or designer/author/illustrator names, or both, in order to carry out a search for a specific selection. You can use the buttons provided to specify that all of the words should be included in the sought-after selections ("Find all these words"), or that any one of the words you enter should generate a match ("Find any of these words").
  • Predefined Searches. The predefined searches are quick-and-easy ways to view our listing of decks by their Tarot Garden availability status. The "Boutique" search lists all items shown in our Boutique, but without dividing them into sections. The "Offline Inventory" search lists all items that are in stock, but not shown in our Boutique. The "Special Order" search lists all items that are not in-stock but are believed to be available by special order. And the "In Stock" search searches both the Boutique and Offline Inventory to display all selections available for immediate purchase and shipment (note that out-of-stock Boutique selections are eliminated from the "In Stock" search). To access the predefined searches, simply click "Database" on the navigation bar at the top of any Tarot Garden webpage, and then select the predefined search you want from the navigation sub-bar that appears below.
  • Advanced Searches. These can be both more specific and more general than the QuickSearch. For example, you can more specifically indicate whether your search terms should be compared against the deck title or designer/author/illustrator information. (The QuickSearch automatically compares your search terms against both of these items of information.) Alternatively, you may search by other criteria of interest, such as the deck's country of publication or its "category/theme." To access the advanced search screen, simply click "Database" on the navigation bar at the top of any Tarot Garden webpage, and then select "Advanced Search" from the navigation sub-bar that appears below.

Q: How can I link to a specific listing in your database?

A: We welcome direct links to our database, as long as they conform to the format described here. It is possible to isolate our database listings by title or country of publication. The general link format is as follows:

You can narrow the results returned by the link by including both criteria by using an ampersand (&) between the two parameters, as follows:

For multi-word searches on title, use plus (+) signs between the words. For example, to link to the "Tarot of the Cat People," you could use either of the following URLs:

Because there are no other tarots in our database with the words "Cat People" in the title, the second, shorter link would work as well as the first. Using only the word "Cat," however, would bring up a longer list of entries, as there are several tarots that include "Cat" as a title word.

Conversely, for country searches, the country name must be entered without spaces. For titles published in the United States, use "U.S.A." (with periods, but no spaces) for the country criteria. For example, to link to a listing of titles published in New Zealand, the URL would be:

Note: title and country link terms are not case senstive.

Q: I tried linking directly to an entry in your database, but the link returned more than one title. Why?

A: There are four reasons why a database link may return more than one entry:

  1. The title criteria is too general. The information provided after the "view_title=" portion of the database URL should include enough words to isolate the desired selection from other decks that may include the same word. For example, simply typing "celtic" after the "view_title=" parameter would return a rather long list of databse entries, as there are a large number of decks and sets that employ the word "Celtic" in their titles. In such a case, it would be essential to include more title words (connected by the + symbol); for example, "celtic+wisdom" or "celtic+dragon".
  2. The criteria is embedded inside the title of another listing. Links using very short title criteria are particularly prone to this problem. For example, using only the word "ring" after the "view_title=" parameter would not only list the "Fairy Ring" and "Lord of the Rings" tarots, but also the "Caring Psychic Family" and "Gringonneur (redrawn)" tarots. To correct this problem, the recommended approach, once again, is to use more title words (e.g., "fairy+ring" or "lord+of+the+rings").
  3. The listings may contact "keywords" that match your title selection words. In addition to the title itself, title searches are carried out on "keywords" that have been included with each listing. These keywords were added to increase the possibility of a correct match when executing a title search. For example, the criteria "alice" will generate a match with the "Wonderland Tarot," even though the word "Alice" is not actually included in the title of this deck. Because it is often referred to as the "Alice in Wonderland" tarot, it was necessary to be able to produce a match should a searcher use this title as the criteria. The keywords are not listed anywhere, and are not available for viewing; if you are generating an unexpected match, a "hidden keyword" is the most likely cause. Once again, try making your link more specific by including more of the title's actual words. Sometimes even the addition of the word "tarot" in the appropriate place will fix the problem. Note that this problem is particularly prevelent with decks that have both English- and non-English titles that are commonly known, because the title translation (or several translations) may have been included in the keyword list.
  4. There are actually two tarots with the exact same name in the database. Although rare, this does occasionally happen. The "Art Nourveau" tarots are one example. In some cases, we have attempted to make the titles "isolatable" from one another by including the primary creator/designer name as a keyword. Thus, "art+nouveau+myers" could be used to isolate the Myers "Nouveau" tarot from that of Castelli. However, this is not yet possible in all cases; therefore, when we have not included a designer's name as one of the keywords, you cannot separate listings bearing the same title at this time.

Q: What if I find an error or problem in the database?

A: Our database is still relatively new, and as such, there are inevitably problems or inaccuracies that escape our detection during our initial reviews of the listings. In such cases, we welcome our site visitors to write and alert us if something seems amiss. If you find a factual error (wrong publication year or country, for example), omissions (e.g., designer/illustrated/author information not shown), or problem (broken picture link, for example), write to us at with the details, and we will do our best to make corrections as soon as possible.

Bonus Program FAQ

Q: What is the Tarot Garden bonus program?

A: The Tarot Garden bonus program will be our way of saying "thanks for your business!" This program, currently called "Card Credits," but likely to change in the near future, is currently in the beta-test phase. If you would like to become a beta tester for this program, visit our beta "Card Credits" page by clicking here.

Search Service FAQ

Q: What is the Tarot Garden search service?

A: Our search service is the method by which we attempt to assist our customers in locating decks of interest to them that are not already available from the Tarot Garden by other means. Before using the search service, we recommend that you search our database to see if the selection you want is already listed as being available for immediate purchase or by special order.

Q: Are there fees to use the search service?

A: We do not charge a fee to undertake a search, and if we locate the item you are seeking, there is no obligation to buy. The search service is run on the equivalent of a "contingency basis." If we are able to locate the title you want, and you agree to purchase it, the fees for our service are then added into the final quoted sales price.

Q: How likely is it that you'll be able to find the deck I want?

A: The likelihood of our succeeding in a search depends, of course, on numerous factors -- most particularly the rarity of the deck. We already have search service waiting lists for many of the most popular hard-to-find and rare decks, meaning that we may have to locate several copies before we can offer one to you. Also, please note that in cases where we have numerous long-standing requests for a deck, or many requests on file that were received at about the same time (which, surprisingly, isn't uncommon), we reserve the right to make the deck available via auction rather than offering it to a particular individual on the waiting list.

Mailing List FAQ

Q: What is the Tarot Garden mailing list?

A: When you request that we add your name to our mailing list, you will receive periodic Tarot Garden news updates via e-mail. (At present, our mailing list information is available via e-mail only.) Mailing list members often receive information not made available to the general public via our website, including more detailed information on Boutique selections, special Tarot Garden offers, and great information on Tarot Collecting!

The information that we collect when you sign up for our mailing list is used only for purposes of providing you with Tarot Garden e-mailings of interest. We do not provide your information to any third parties unless required by law.

Intellectual Property / Copyright Issues

Q: What is the copyright status of the card images used on the Tarot Garden website?

A: The card images displayed on our website are copyrighted to their respective creators, artists, and publishers. The Tarot Garden holds no copyright to any of these images, unless otherwise noted. Subsequently, we cannot grant usage rights for the images under any circumstances.

The inclusion of these images on our website is done under the terms of "fair usage" laws, solely for informational purposes, and to promote the creators'/publishers' own products. All card images were scanned by us, unless otherwise noted. We have deliberately limited the number of images provided from each deck, to discourage reproduction of a deck in toto through illegal means. In cases where we have received requests from publishers or artists to remove or otherwise not post images of their work, we have complied voluntarily and in full. We do not claim credit for the creation or ownership of any of the images included in our database, unless otherwise noted.

Q: Under what conditions may others use the information and images from your website and database?

A: Under no circumstances is permission granted to reproduce text or images from our website without our express written permission. Please note that while the copyright for the tarot designs and images belong to the respective artists, authors, publishers, etc., the particular scans and descriptions in our database have been either been made by us, from copies owned by the Tarot Garden, and in accordance with copyright law, or have been received from and approved for inclusion on our website by the appropriate authorized entities. Thus, the particular content of our website is considered to be our Intellectual Property, and is subject to the copyright laws pertaining thereto. We will aggressively pursue any violations of our Intellectual Property rights, as we have successfully done in the past.

Please note that these restrictions pertain only to usage of the material in contexts outside of our own website. It is perfectly acceptable to link directly to the website pages themselves (i.e., any Tarot Garden webpage that includes an .html or .php extension). Direct links to the images (i.e., files with a .jpg or .gip extension) are not permitted, as this is considered outside the boundaries of our website. For information on acceptable methods for direct-linking to listings in our database, please refer to the section above entitled How can I link to a specific listing in your database?

Please consult copyright laws for additional information, or email us if you have any questions about acceptable use.

This site maintained by The Tarot Garden; Jeannette K. Roth and Dan M. Pelletier, proprietors.

This page © 2001 - 2004, Jeannette Roth and the Tarot Garden, Inc. Images of tarot cards on this site are copyrighted to their respective designers, artists, and publishers, and are used for example purposes only; no copyright infringement is intended. Unauthorized use of our website material, including articles, text descriptions, database listings, image scans, and other Intellectual Properties contained herein, without our express written permission is strictly prohibited;.see our FAQ for additional information. Questions regarding this page should be directed to