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Welcome to the Tarot Garden Database!

The Tarot Garden database is a searchable listing of tarots and cartomantic decks. Thus far, we have documented over 1,500 decks, most of which include sample illustrations. Many of the decks currently in our database are available for sale through the Tarot Garden's boutique and offline inventory, but we also have information on a large number of rare and out-of-print decks that we currently do not offer for sale.

Our preprogrammed "autosearch" options (described below) allow you to view lists of selections by their availability classification. Our "advanced search" options allow you to browse our entire database, selecting the deck(s) you'd like to see by title, author(s)/designer(s), country of publication, theme, and more!

Use the links below to search by the following criteria:

  • Boutique. Accesses all database selections that are currently listed in our online Boutique.

  • Offline Inv. A listing of in-stock titles not currently shown in our online Boutique.

  • Auctions. A quick list of Tarot Garden selections currently available via auction, with basic deck information and links to the relevant auction pages.

  • Spec. Order. Decks available through The Tarot Garden by special order.

  • In Stock. Displays a list of all in-stock items from both the Tarot Garden Boutique and our offline inventory. Boutique items currently on "Sold Out" status are eliminated from this listing. Also formerly known on our website by a link labeled "Inventory QuickPeek."

  • Full Database. Lists all entries in our database, including items that are not currently available in our on- or offline inventories.

  • Advanced. Advanced search page -- search for specific decks by title and/or designer(s), by publication status, thematic category, and more!

The Tarot Garden
Tarot Database

Information on a wide assortment of tarots and cartomantic decks, available in an online searchable form.

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